Thursday, November 17, 2011


Before a couple weeks ago, unless I was working with a client, I shot solely on my Nikon D50. I got it when I was 17 after I sold pieces from an art show. I became really attached to my camera and couldn't convince myself to give it up completely. But last month it started to have some problems so I had to upgrade to the Nikon D3100 which I'm really starting to love. I can't wait to start shooting video!

The process of creating images for me has always involved a lot of Photoshop. I used to edit on the mousepad of my laptop but about 6 months ago I got a bamboo tablet and haven't looked back since. But my laptop still bears the marks of my editing process and people tend to laugh when they see it .The paint has completely worn off on one spot!

For my Ave Maria shoot I went in with the idea that I would somehow incorporate an immaculate heart. It was tough and took a couple days, a lot of textures, and a drawing of the heart with lots of shading and coloring (tons and tons of work). But the end result turned out great and I'm still very happy with it. 

I always use natural lighting. Because I never took a class for photography the thought of learning lighting frankly scared me. Because of that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out when the best time of day was to shoot. After 6 years of shooting I have figured it out for the most part and really enjoy how it looks over artificial light. 

I'm going to post a lot about the process I use on my photos in the future. I hope it can be helpful!
Model:Kathryn from Vision Models
Makeup & Hair: Mathias Alan
Wardrobe: Rodelle Farren "Adore Vintage"


  1. Really great posts Caitlin! Love the content! ;) Keep up the great work, I'm adding a link to you on G*D! xxx

  2. amazing photos! :)

  3. Hi Caitlin, I just came across your blog while browsing and had to tell you how much I adore your photos..they bring an unexplainable nostalgia, like a feel of old world paintings and real feminine beauty. Incredible! I was about to comment and ask a bit about your editing process (I'm just finding my feet but mainly shoot raw pictures..) but now I see how it takes days and days of photoshop - it's a real art and talent you have.

    I look forward to reading through more posts and seeing more incredible photos :)