Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today has felt a little likea dream. The only thing making me believe I was actually awake was the wind on my face. Had it not touched me, you could have fooled me. Everything around me was so beautiful. Fall in Spain, the large, gorgeous leaves and tree lined streets were so..extraordinary. I listened to people, their voices speaking a language I still don't understand, laughing, sharing drinks together. Even though I knew I was way off I imagined what they were talking about. It was more fun that way anyway. Everything about this part of the world is full of so much passion I've realized how dead part of me was before I came here. I am inspired by the strength every moment has here. Every moment of my life, even the quiet ones alone, are filled with thoughts of so much real possiblity. I am aware that everyday can change things for me so drastically. I feel more comfortable and safe here than ever. I live in a world where a plane ticket to Berlin costs 32 euros and in only a few hours I would be transported to another culture, new landscape, new everything. It's not Berlin really, it's anywhere. I feel such comfort that whenever I need a change I can have that change for a little while. I had a conversation with a brilliant makeup artist the other day about going to Lisbon for a shoot. Portugal. I've never even dreamed of Portugal. But now I do. I dream of adventures in Lisbon, creating art, and memories. But I am also safe in love with an amazing person who wants my gypsy heart to thrive. He wants to come with me and experience it all too. That is biggest gift life has given me. 

pink house in the woods

wild mushrooms

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