Monday, January 9, 2012

Alli & Dani

Alli Cripe &  Dani Lundquist @ Photogenics

 This shoot is one of my favorites for sure.  I'm so excited to finally share it because it was shot in Los Angeles back in October.
But finally it's out in Magpie Darling Magazine! Go check it out!

Ali Cripe @ Photogenics

The team was Sienree Du for hair, Leibi Carias for makeup, and Camille Yvette for wardrobe. Sienree was nice enough to let us mess up her living room and shoot in there and Jeni Maus from Found Vintage provided the props. When I am in LA I love working with Leibi a lot because her style is so artist and beyond simple makeup. Watching her work is always so interesting because she paints faces like an artist would paint a canvas. She works in layers and the results are always remarkable. She's coming to Paris this Summer and I can't wait to work with her here in Europe also! This was my first time working with both Ree and Camille but they were also amazing. I can't wait to get back to LA and do more shoots with them.


I was lucky enough to get to work with Alli & Dani two days in a row. I shot a campaign for Ivy & Aster Bridal the day before and they were the models. The campaign will be out in Spring so watch out for it. Here are the rest of the images from the shoot!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous Caitlin.
    Love ya,
    Mom (just ordered a copy of the magazine)

  2. absolutely gorgeous Caitlin!
    love, Mom (just ordered a copy thru Maggie darling)