Sunday, March 25, 2012

new blog post FINALLY

So, as you all can probably tell, I have a difficult time talking about myself and therefor have a difficult time blogging. I'm sorry about that. I could promise to write more, but who knows! I've moved back to Los Angeles temporarily and its so good to be home. I've shot 3 times this past week and have another shoot tomorrow that I'm super excited about.

Yesterday me, Leibi Carias, Veronica Nunez, Sabine, and her very sweet Mother went out to pretty much the middle of nowhere to shoot. Shoots like these are always so much fun because they are laid back and full of adventure. We saw Joshua Trees, poppies, and fields and fields of white grass. Sabine is probably the palest girl I have ever seen, her hair and eyebrows matched her skin. But she is so strangely beautiful and she is probably one of the best girls I've ever photographed. She definitely has a story in her expression.

Another exciting thing about being back in LA means I get to shoot with Leibi again. Leibi is not only an amazing makeup artist but she is also a friend and I can tell you that without her believing in me, things wouldn't be as good as they are photography wise. She has brought me the best connections and I have gotten to work with amazing teams as a result.


  1. Caitlin I'm a huge fan of yours :) I am going to be in LA for the summer and would just looove to meet up with you and get a coffee or collaborate on a shoot!! :)