Saturday, April 21, 2012


There is nothing more beautiful than dawn. I've loved morning ever since I was a little kid. In my family everyone wakes up early. My Grandparents were raised in the South in farming communities so they were always up at dawn and I have never known my Mother to sleep in past 7 am. I may not be quite as early of a bird as they are but I love waking up early and having the world to myself, or at least it feels that way. When I was still in High School I would get up early, make breakfast, and sit on the porch swing before going to school. Then I felt like the day was mine and it wasn't just lost on everything else. These days my life is so busy that I forget to do this and should more often.

Even in a busy city like Los Angeles, if you wake up early enough the only thing you'll hear is birds. Everything has stopped and is still asleep.

I think morning is where my love for light began. Morning light & evening light are so magical. 

morning light on a flower

light outside my house


  1. beautiful photos! xx

  2. Hola amiga, me gustaria felicitarte por tu blog especialmente por lo que nos transmite a los lectores, que es mucho, esta muy bien. Me alegra mucho haber conocido tu blog ya que tiene informacion muy interesante.

    Te felicito por el articulo y te animo a seguir trabajando en ello.

    Un abrazo,
    Francisco M.